Joseph Avakian

A night with Joseph in Helsinki

Creativity with Big G REGISTRATION WHEN & WHERE28th of October at 4pm-8pm at bulevardi 1, Helsinki @ ZOAN. Join us as we come together for fellowship, conversation and inspiration. Our guest speaker is Joseph Avakian from Germany. But hey, let’s not put him in that box, as he is actually from Armenia but raised in […]


We all know it too well … we do not want to assume, yet we do it! whay? have you ever thought about that? Now of course we have the right to assume, and it’s ok to assume … but what good does it do to assume? is assumption not requiring of us to be […]

Slingshoot me!

  Its not an everyday thing when 45+ young adults, from 20+ nations, with ages from 18-35 gather on an island on the tip of the Korean peninsula.Then again for some of us, it is a normal thing, after all we do go places and meet people all the time. In this case it was […]

In-visible …

Its amazing how often I hear this word and just pass it by. Main meaning: there is something we cannot see … and what is it we mean when we say invisible? do we mean: “… it must be there, but it cannot be seen? or “… It must not exist”. Example: outer space exists, […]