Joseph Avakian

We all know it too well … we do not want to assume, yet we do it! whay? have you ever thought about that? Now of course we have the right to assume, and it’s ok to assume … but what good does it do to assume? is assumption not requiring of us to be believe something, yet without any proof?

All my life i have seen how i live in assumptions, of cousre as someone blessed with imagination … I found myself miles ahead always assuming I knew it better. Some of us believe we have a “I see the future gift” and we just happen to “know it”!

The root of assumption is that we are beings that have in their DNA a Hope/Faith element. We just find ourselves to often saying “Uh I assumed … meaning I had it all figured out” only to correct ourselves that we did figure it out … sadly all wrongly!

We just need to make sure we are not in the “dark”! Asssumption does want us to stay in the dark, where as hope and faith like a candle gives us light and we can see what is around usand we can do our best.

The process in all of us is now one that causes a greater tension, as we seek answers to our questions, we find ourselves wanting to assume, but life is teaching us not to assume but to ask. Problem does remain that when we do not assume, others have assumptions on us … and we get upset, find it unjust other only to end wanting to do the same to others.

So what needs to be done,? Well I am experimenting in exercising faith where faith is needed and not where its superfluous, (like putting on sunblock before going to bed). We need to know when to use what is in us for the right time and place, assumptions can have their root in many things, like fear, comparison and so on … Our world is full “Assumers”. Our media is very assumptive …

I am sure you agree with me that we all have wrongly judged, one too many times but also rightly judged, sadly the first is more frequent. Is it possible to change the tide at least in our own lives? is it possible to hope instead of assume? or even better have faith instead of doubt?

well i came across this quote … by which of course I do not want to assume anything but it does go like this …

Assumption is the mother of all screw ups.

another one goes like this …

Three things will last forever—faith, hope, and love—and the greatest of these is love.

lets just love this creation and all that is in it a little more … and a little more faith and hope will be the result .. right?


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