Its not an everyday thing when 45+ young adults, from 20+ nations, with ages from 18-35 gather on an island on the tip of the Korean peninsula.Then again for some of us, it is a normal thing, after all we do go places and meet people all the time. In this case it was a far place for most of us and we truly came from all ends of the earth. That is what happens when a your life is in motion, or better said set in motion.

An event with a name Slingshot … has to do with a man who once walked the earth called David, he was a shepherd boy and a Rhythmic poet who then became a King!Its all about what it is you have in your hand, David used a Slingshot to slay an enemy much greater than Himself. This was a key event in his journey of destiny and I believe it was so for all the participants of this one time 12 day version of Slingshot.

Davids life was one of motion, he never had a boring life, a fugitive on the run the youngest among his brothers … only excelled because of his courage, and intimacy to life’s creator and the moments of choice to stand firm for God, which he embraced one too many times with excellence.Just like David, Passionate, focused, open and seeking, every Slinghshot participant had come with “what is it that I need to take away” … Until at least to my impression most if not all, ended up having to grapple with the other question “why me?”.

I guess the answer to that lies as hidden treasure in each one.When the Almighty God sets us before a task that is so large that it goes beond our ability to comprehend with our minds, ur hearts trigger in with the an honest seeking after answers. The mystery remains that God would choose us!When Destiny plays peek-a-boo with us, how do we recognize our part or role? In my observation of these rebels to their own generation, some were and are still seeking the depth of their heart. David did once sing Search My Heart oh God, our heart is the centre of who we are, and I am not sure if you agree but often some answers lead to new questions!

After 12 days, I offer to conclude that many of these young Slingshot’ers are set in motion, the Creator himself has gathered these 40+ and has His sling ready to shoot them at life’s giant challenges.Just as David used a rock to slay his enemy, in My eyes, no matter what the rock thinks is the why me? They Rock! Each one of them has the making of a Rock-star.Honored to have been with each one! Keep Beating the odds!Joz

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  1. Thank you. You have been gifted with the ability to inspire young people like us to live for our Creator. It is challenging and yet it is just what encourages me to keep pursuing God. Lately, God has been confirming several of my spirital gifts. All I want to do is be faithful with those gifts, to bless and speak life to those who don’t have an understanding of God’s love and so much more. Life has been interesting for me and everything is well with me.

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