Joseph Avakian

Its amazing how often I hear this word and just pass it by. Main meaning: there is something we cannot see … and what is it we mean when we say invisible? do we mean: “… it must be there, but it cannot be seen? or “… It must not exist”. Example: outer space exists, we just see a fraction of it … most of it is so far & distant its invisible, right? But does that mean its not there?

So My question to myself (yet again):” is invisibility temporary, permanent or just plain distant?” and if temporary, “will it remain invisible as long as we do not seek it and desire it to be revealed? if permanent then why bother? and if distant then most likely too hard to get to!

Does popular culture teach us differently? When we look at the world of information and communication, Don’t we recognize that whatever is present and is being communicated and shown must be real and happening? Tragedies & catastrophes are recorded on video cameras and repeatedly shown on multiple channels. Movies use that “situation” to finalize the existence of something. Depicting that if its all over the world and being reported in many languages and many frequencies it must be happening and thus exists. Yet not all is documented and many Mysteries exist.

One such mystery is the existence of God … Let’s consider the following: I found a great verse in the Bible that went like this: “It was by faith that Moses left the land of Egypt, not fearing the king’s anger. He kept right on going because he kept his eyes on the one who is invisible.” I love this contrast of statement: He kept his eyes on the one who is invisible … How can one do that? is that a trick staement or reality?

When was the last time you kept going because your eyes were on the invisible? In many ways, I believe the whole world goes on because of the invisible things they believe in. We all have things we see … that are invisible that we pursue in life. Its funny how people that believe in God of the Bible are seen as old fashioned … but in reality we all pursue what we believe is visible to our soul, heart and mind? dont you agree? lets be honest for a moment here!! There are many hidden things from us and from others, but we still all somehow believe there is something out there … bigger and greater than us, even if its the great Nothing …!

My real worry is not the fact that what we believe is invisible! My worry is what are we going to do when we believe in something invisible and come to a realization one day, when this reality is over, that it does not exist? As a man who believes in living a life of intimacy with the Creator of life, I am aware that I might just be surprised!

The good news is that God might be invisible for many … but as we read earlier … for those who keep their eyes on Him, Like Moses did, we might just see Him so regularly that we can say He is visible, alive and kicking. That is why I can say, I go on.

So what are you fixed on? and what or who is it that takes you further on this journey of life that has one too many Mysteries in the visible & invisible realms?

I sure wish you sweet dreams!

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