Joseph Avakian

Pivotal …

high angle photo of roads

How importnat is the smallest of all decision that we daily make in the split of the split of sconds! I wonder, We often think that small decisions are not as pivotal! We base our experience on how pivotal something was on the outcome of that decision, and not on the decision just before that […]

Torn …

red amazon danbo on brown wooden surface

Pressure can tear things apart, right? If pressure is present in our hearts and our lives we soon all realize the result is pain … But in this age and time we have no room, no time and no longing for pain anymore. We are being educated and told that comfort is the life we […]

Da ….. Code (part 2)

Ok, it was over two hours, and not an hour and half! I went with Monika on a Sunday morning and she did not know the story. I did know the story due to the fact that I had heard the Audio book. The cinema was not full and the movie began with a great […]

Da ….. Code (part 1)

This blog will have 2 parts .. One before seeing the movie that has a similar title as this blog, and the second part will come after having watched the movie! Da ….. code is about to hit the cinema's … this week worldwide! i will watch it asap! Part 1: When the book was […]

The Gospel According …

… to Gnosticism has again surfaced with the discovery of a scroll written around AD 280, that is shedding new light to supposedly Judas Iscariot. Gnosticism has been around long enough. Anyone with access to the Internet that among the so-called Early Christian writing, the Gospels of Thomas or James was among those that promoted […]