Joseph Avakian

… to Gnosticism has again surfaced with the discovery of a scroll written around AD 280, that is shedding new light to supposedly Judas Iscariot. Gnosticism has been around long enough. Anyone with access to the Internet that among the so-called Early Christian writing, the Gospels of Thomas or James was among those that promoted Gnosticism.

It’s interesting that the press approaches this discovery, as something questioning what Christians believes. Interesting that even though National Geographic has raised some interesting facts and figures, its clear that this document is one that supports Gnosticism.

What I found interesting that no one raised the question to who is the author of this writing, and is it a really a Gospel? Is it good news? To those that want Jesus to become a figure that gives revelation to a few and the knowledge for higher state of being then it would good news, but it fails to say that we are all sinners, and that Jesus paid in full what we should have paid for, and the Atonement is not seen anywhere in the writings of this 3 century manuscript (I choose not to call it Gospel).

Good news is that it shows us again that we live in a world that like asking questions but often asking the wrong ones. Should we react? Should we fight? Should we relax? I say ask Him whose name we are to praise and honor. We need to live according to the Gospel of Jesus! For me He is the Good news! Any writing that misses that misses can so easily miss being called good news!

What is the Gospel that we want to reflect and communicate to a decaying world? Think about it, do we really know?


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