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History has scribed for us over and over again that many (inlcuding me) seek something greater than us. In this search we then often find wisdom, revelations, knowledge, inspiration, change and pain. Then based on this “new discovery” we correct certain behaviours and begin to act in a new or enhanced way. After seeing the results (i hope) we become the very evangelists of this new acquired wisdom. In the Name of … liberty, progress, democracy, technology, humanity, tradition, equality, hope, love and yes even God, we proclaim and try to conquer those who we believe are lost and have not yet seen what we see, know and are sure of.

The names change and the seasons bring new names all the time. Unless we are careful, we can go through life being carried by one ideology that replaces the other. How do we know what we know and can we have certainty? Lately I have been wondering and seeking the reality about why we unconciously get carried away in many areas of our lives. Do we really know what we think we really know? .. or even think we can never really know? because out there there is so much we dont know! is this getting confusing? well it should get us there!!

We all receive some sort of revelation and spread it everywhere we go and then seasons later we get a revelation about the revelation only to realize that what we spread was wrong in the worst case, or only partial in the normal case and totally on track in the best case! How do we live life, discover life, wisdom, humanity and much more, if we dont risk acquiring this knowlege?

In my case I am at a place in my life where as a teacher I want to make sure that I am one who in teaching and mentoring, am creating a garden, a forest of stories, knowledge, wisdom and revelation that creates a space for discovery. If that which we believe is to be true knowledge or the “real thing”, then the challenge for us is to communicate it in a manner and spirit, that invites those listening to discover it for themselves. Creating these knowledge-spheres is something very easy to do when you see yourself as a lake or a culmination of fluid wisdom. The purer the content, the clearer the message, and so the invitation to take of this knowledge and apply to ones life.

We should never underestimate the power of choice. My view of the universe is one of choices with a very purposeful and meaningful destiny. We are destined to make choices, we cannot escape this. What choices we make is what determines our story, and then in return the ones we choose we tell as an invitation to those listening to live by that same underlying value. The next time any of us are up to making a point, we should consider not using in the name of … (whatever) but rather in our name (meaning naming us and our discovery) create a space , a dilaogue and give room for an invitation to a choice, that we can say has shaped us.

from now on I will try my best, I hope you do the same.

humbly —- joz

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