Joseph Avakian

It was in the middle of an afternoon teaching session when I got the call that our 3rd child was on its way … 12 hours later! at around 2 am when Amy our 3 child and second daughter arrived. That was 11 years ago. This day started with family breakfast where our little cutie Amy full of smiles gave a reason to celebrate. Celebrating Birthdays can become such a mundane and standard thing, yet i wonder whether we grasp the whole aspect of celebrating life. The existence of an individual in a community (like amy being a part of our family) has consequences. The day a child is born to a family is not just an addition its the compilation of History, relationship and future. The world will never be the same … for nine months Amy was in that secret place being woven by a creator who’s intentions we dont fully grasp … but know chooses to give us mere mortals a sense of co-creation and a say in eternity.

Amy in the pool of life …

Amy has matured and her smile and her personality has brought joy and at times anger to those around her .. but in it all we are blessed, I am blessed. I can be so proud of my little amy her charm, her sealousness of life and her dramatizational taltent is what makes her so unique. Amy is someone who gets alomng with many, she makes friends fast and is a caring person. She rejoices over any little gift and is sparkling when you take the time to play wiht her. his day is full with cousins coming over for a party,emails and phone calls coming it will be one where I choose to celebreate this little bundle of Life … Amy Marie Avakian a unique addition to a life that has its sad and hard moments to overcome. Celebtrating those we love should remind us to celbrate life that we are all connected to through relationships.

Amy is a singing, dancing, fun loving child that has blessed us, this potential lies in every child. So many thousands of individuals are celebrating their birthdays this very day, but how many of these will celbrate their lives! We should acknowledge their existence becasue of who they are becoming and what they mean to us. If you are celebrating someone birthday on this day of Oct. 12th then I suggest you dremind them of how your life would be without them. This is where you have a choice to celebrate and choose to love. Its easy to be love back when we are loved … celebration in the midst of life’s storms is a choice we can make. I choose to celebrrate my Amy’s life .. 11 years down and many still to come the next 3×11 years will be definetly be one many celbrations. My part is to show her the fullness of life and the celebrations we can have every day that we have breath!

Amy’s email is in case you want to say hi to her!

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