Joseph Avakian

… it was early hours (1:00 am) in the morning of the 21st of September of 1991, when our first daughter Kim Madeleine saw the light of night! I remember walking about around midnight and expecting our second child and wondering how in the world am I going to deal with a daughter. Being a man it’s easy to imagine how it is to be a son? But a daughter? well I guess I will have to find out!! well .. after 15 years i can say it’s a been a blast getting to see how this little baby of that day has become a young lady of 15.

A few days ago we went out for a walk, and we had some great conversations, interaction and fun. A baby crying for food, a toddler wanting to walk, a child passionate about everything around her … and yet Kim has grown up to be an intelligent young lady that surprises many with her questions, a friend to many, a childrens magnet and an artist in the making.

Her smile, her friendliness and her social skills are soothing to many who interact with her. She is a sensitive very warm person who has made our family what it is today. What can be said of Kim is that who ever becomes her friend will be blessed.
I am proud to see how this young woman is God loving, wise secure in who she is becoming. Of course every teenager goes through the flow of gowing up .. the pain, the misunderstandings and the frustraation of self discovery.

Through our past year of Travel she has prevailed and has shown her ability to adjust trust and look forward. Having her Birthday celebrated in Canada, and a year ago in South Africa makes me jealous .. after we are talking 3 continents by the age of 15 not bad for an average teenager who is not so average afterall!

The name Kim originates with the menaing ruler, Madeleine also means elevated … so I see Kim as an elevated ruler … one in preparation to a future that can only be written between her and Her creator. I pray His blessing over her. That is the least of what I can do at this stage of her life. Joz the Dad!

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