Joseph Avakian

We are created out of a relationship between 2 beings; we are born into relationships, family, race, people, nation and so on! Our very existence is based on the relationships we then choose to embrace or denounce! Most of us by the age of 18, have decided what relationships we are seeking, who we are tolerae and who we escape, right?

The Universe itself exists in relationship; every atom, cell and protein in our bodies acts and reacts on the basis of their relationship to one another. Our planetary system, galaxies and everything that is because of specific relationship to something! But how well do we do with relationships? How much do we cherish the ones we have and how often to we escape them?

Our relationship to one another force us to communicate, articulate, clarify and so learn to grow. Our relationships to all of the things of life can be either a strengthening or breaking of relationships.

We are to exist in relationship because creation and its creator intend us to live the way He does, in relationship. We are created in His image, a God who from the beginning begun to communicate with us, building a relationship across generations and cultures. We are called by our name the Bible says, so what does that have that to do with relationships? Well that is the Q of all Q’s? Is it not relationships that give us the most meaning to our existence? Scientists seek the answers in Science, religions try it in their rituals and teachings, and everyone else wants relationship without a commitment!

For me God is a God of Reason, Passion and relationship! He is calling and He is not silent nor hiding, but as I have discovered, relationships are like the hide and seek game, it can help us discover the individual value and the eternal purpose of who we are. Too high and complicated? well let me put it even simpler!

We cannot exist without relationships! Relationship is the core of why we exist! think about it! Even if you like objects, foods and places, you define your being based on this! then our relationships to the few, many or none, form the very being we are in the making.
Look around you and see … listen carefully and hear … taste and savor … touch and feel … smell and breath deep! You will be surprised how much relationship you create as you do these things!

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