Joseph Avakian

According to research, we make up to 22,000 major and minor choices in a day. Some major ones are what we eat, wear and how we plan our day, but there are those minute choices that seem so small that we would think they are not important like which direction to lead astatement within a conversation. I am realizing how much those minute detail choices are the ones I am becoming more aware of.

It’s not so much that I have to make them or that I have discovered they are very influential or even pivotal, but rather that they truly reveal our view of life. If we would look to where we sit in a room, or while having a conversation or even when we are in a thought process, what choices we make! Like now when I am writing this post, so many ways I could express myself, but why this way? Is there a better way for this post to be written? probably but I make a choice to move on!

It is said that the details of our lives are where our true personality is revealed. How we act or react in certain times and seasons will reflect our truer beings. Legends, plays, books, films, music and the arts seek to portray life’s breadth and depth. Yet they only reveal a fraction of all human heart and soul! and our little choices do the same, or do they?

Choices still need to be made, even it means the choice not to make a choice and wait! It is said that long ago man wanted to be like God, their choice was knowledge of good and evil and disobedience, now our race is about making a choices, daily, thus the term it was "a good choice" or a "bad choice"!

I was told and often led to make what we call “must choice”, I wonder can there be a choice that is a must, is it really a choice then? how we can have a singular choice or is choice mutlitple possibilities! Fear, pain, greed, power and many other reasons can lead us to make choices as does love, joy and peace, friendliness! But then we are often led to make a choice to either escape these or embrace them! Courageous are the one that make a choice and embrace what makes life more precious! The choice between our values and our temporary situation, between the future or the now, between myself or the other is what we often forget to take into consideration!

We’re born into creation with free will! Not one of our choice! haha! A choice some would consider dangerous! My personal take at this season of my life is that the currency of the universe remains the relationships of all that exists and the choices made to pursue these relationships! we are in relationship to one another to creation and time. What choices we make will define the unity of it all or the chaos of it all. What choice will you make then? now its your turn!

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