Joseph Avakian

… is integration gone wrong! It has always amazed me that the world is a place that says and reflects "we are integrated" but is quite in segregation. I believe it seeks integration … meaning let us remove the gaps between us and let us put into the past that which we were and doing .. and integrate! Political, religious and economic and many more issues create and enforce these gaps. Can it change? Would it change?

There is so much written about this and so many advisors & consultants are into integration or into connectivity. So what is integration? Is that something we have to do because things are not working? is it a corporate solution or responsibility? or is it a network thing? I often have realized that when a new boss/leader comes into his or her role they want to shift things around and so reintegrate … or reshuffle and bring everyone to integration?

If we look at continents, nations, cities and businesses, city councils of all walks of life, all either call for integration or enforce integration or keep on existing further in isolation? Isolation has often been a contributor to separation leading to sanctions, strife, violence and wars resulting in death and desturction, the opposite of what God had intended for His creation.

Is the Creator of all life one that integrates? or is creation in its very essence integrated? Is it a thing we need to do or is it a character thing? Simply put, My faith says I was lost and now I am found I was apart and now I am integrated into the family with a father, with a history, a present and a future. I was alone and finite, now I have a family and am infinite?

Whether dialogue, cook, create for communication, we relate with one another. we are then in some form integrators .. my question to us remains can we exist without integration? can we design, write and even formulate or interpret without integration. If we begin our journey in isolation we cannot achieve integration … life's very character is an integrated one.

Next we create concepts, write , make film, videos, website, brochures or a logo and so on, we are called to create an invitation to integration, a people created to live in communion with one another and lead to intimacy with life's Author. I seek to contribute to this, anyone one with me?

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