Joseph Avakian

Its awesome to know that technology is becoming portable and available everywhere (at least in the west). I am writing this post from my PDA, that has a built in QWERTY keyboard & WiFi capabilities. so whereever i am, if given access over wireless network i could post something.

So, is it good to have all this availabilty at our fingertips? Is it about owning the tools? I guess it is, but ist also about communicating, right? Dont you get upset if someone gave you their mobile nr but you cant seem ever to reach them. Why have a phone and not be reached, why have a blog and not write? or have tools and then not use them? we often think that tools are going to free us or better our lives, until we get them and figure out ist not the tools, so we then switch to saying it must be the methodology! then to we come to forecefully conclude, the problem/hindrance … its us and our inner being!

My PDA ... far from pefect ...
My little cute PDA .. far from perfect!

When we dont have, we want, and when we at last do have, then we get excited and use like crazy for a few days/weeks, and then get lazy. Now that our tools are at our disposal, we think we can use it any time, but acutally we dont! Maintaining a good inner balance and sharpness is what is needed, then use the right tools and methodologies. After all they are to serve our work, relationships and passion and most of all calling. If we all had unlimited budgets, then we would spend much more than we earn, but how do we learn to steward our tools well, and not end up thinking if I have mobility then I will be so in touch!

Have you heard of things biting back? well then consider what Tech is good tech and what tech is bad tech, after all these tools will help you get from your dream to your reality. You would not marry anyone would you to fulfill your family dreams? would you?

In an age where mobililty is becoming available at good prices, the issue is not the latest and bandwhidth its not design, its not coolest tech. I believe all of these require of us to have a foundation in values that allow us each individually to choose, define and implement the right technology to extend the possibilites of our calling. I Love technology and and as much as I started this blog on my pda, I ended it with my laptop, after all tech is not perfect, and our dream of perfect mobility might just be a fantasy of eccentricity! I choose to be in an imperfect reality that might just surprise me at times … good or bad! what is your dream of a mobility? and is it truly a dream of mobility or rather of convenience and identity? your call!


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