Joseph Avakian

… are not easy, they are promises made and given a framework that will cost us. 20 years ago Monika and I made a commitment to one another, one that we did before God in a lutheran church in a small viallge 60 km from Munich.

I so remember making my vows, and how 20 minutes before that moment, I was waiting for the ceremony to begin. I was so nervous, will I hold my word? will I be the husband I kind of think I could become? “There is no way out of this one!” i kept on repeating to myself. But standing there across a woman that I was in love with, made it so easy to fiinish my vows and embark on this adventure that I did not ever dream to have begun the way it did.

We have managed to be together over 7280 days, or 174,720 hours, or 10,483,200 minutes or almostt 630 million seconds. Many of those timents (times & moments) were peaceful, others painful, some lonely and some fearful and of course some joyful and hopeful … what has made me make it so far is the woman that I have married and her commitment to me. As well as God’s grace and mercy to teach me what it means to be a husband! Our three children have been a gift and in many ways the fruit and joy of this commitment.

Monika and I in the cape in 2005

Commitments are not easy, they ask and demand of us very often, not from the other person but rather from us. Are we men and women of our words? are we truly committed in times when everhything in us is needing and screaming for attention from the other? This overwhelmin feeling too much is required? too high is the price for so little? Think again!

We are told that we need to sign contracts and paragraphs today, these rule and force and break relationships becasue we have lost the deep sense of commitment that originates from the heart of a creator that is loving and personal.

Commitment is what our times & generation needs, its lifeblood is Agape (dont like the word love, its a little too washed out in this age and time). One of my fondest memories of the last 20 years were the moments I often awoke early in the mornings and as I looked at Monika’s angelic face asleep, i remember hearing God’s voice whispering … “Is she not cute? I made her! She is worhty of all that I and you can give!”

The Almighty is committed to us, He seeks to be in an intimate personal relationship with us all, and there can be no long lasting relationships without commitment held on both ends!

After 20 years I do not consider myself a master of commitment .. but becasue I have failed so many times and been forgiven …. I keep on growing step by step and am humbled one too many times!

If i can do this … then so can you! No matter what relationship you’re committed to .. its never shameful to try and go back to fulfilling your part!

I am a privileged man to have Monika that has been committed to me, and has has so chanpioned God in me. Danke Moni! Happy 20th!

Your Joz

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