Joseph Avakian

Ever wonder why we start asking the Why question as soon as things don’t go well? In the midst of the world trying to worry about many things one of the things I was thinking about was the Bird flu (Avian Flu) that has been something many Governments are trying to keep under control and stop the spreading. Of course most of us if we are honest we often ask the question Why is this happening? Why God or Why this? Why now? We have so many problems already! Here are some thoughts on why we should stop asking why, and ask How … personal brain processes of a not able to sleep joz ☺

This week as everything seemed to be going wrong, I had a lot time in bed thinking about Why did I get sick, and Why are still here in Amsterdam, and much more even deeper Questions on what should I do to better my situation. It was interesting to see how I found myself looking to my past; looking at what thing I should have done better! Are times of sickness like this often a way of life’s Mighty architect, to let us know you are weak, you have viruses in you, things that are often still dormant that might still surface later. I was fighting with God at times to heal me so I can get out of bed and be the husband and father I need to be in this season.

I did a whole lot of soul searching, discovering memories long fallen on the side of my ideal past. As I also spent 2 evenings teaching on c0-creating with God, I yet came back to that revelation that we end asking that why question when we have come back to being Lord of our lives and God has become the Backpack I take with me in case something goes wrong.

In science to ask the why of something’s existence can lead to theory’s that might blind us, but rather just like in science, we should know the why, and so concentrate on the How! Then I am sure we will succeed in tackling life’s surprises because we all know life remains an adventure hopefully with many surprises yet to come!

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of all wisdom – a proverb from a great book!

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