Joseph Avakian

Amzazing how a little virus can be so powerful, it can paralyze many systems of the body and bring someone who is healthy to get fever, feel tired and pretty much cause a havock!

This little virus can cripple our bodies ... its a built to attack

I had the privilge of seeing such a virus in my body this week! i took some time to read up on it, as I also know that we have a global warning on the Avian Flu (aka Bird Flu). Where everyone is making sure there are no major outbreaks.

You are wondering why this blog is in my tech category, well, our bodies even though are biological they are as much a wonder of Bio-tech! we often think of tech as somehting metal/plastic/special material, battery driven, wires and so on … well I believe we are somehow bio-tech, after all information is constantly being processed, we have a generator (heart) a CPU Central Processing Unit (brain) and a nervous system that is more sophisticated than any High gadget I have yet seen! Todays Tech is a copy of what our Human body and creation entails since its creation.

This Virus is perfectly engineered, it is highly effective and even though its small, it can put out and do damage as it shakes up the human immune system. It is built for desstruction! Yet with the blows of such systems our body would not be able to battle certain tasks, if not challenged every now and then, right?. Every piece of technology needs to be maintained, kept up, serviced! This virus, even though tough on us, might be a an angel in disguise? No, I dont want o go that far feeling the pain in my chest at the moment! But I have a systems break down and this system is so shaken that it has not only influenz(a)ed my body … but also my soul .. this Hardware shake up has caused the software to reconsider … How? (more on this, please read my Why? blog)

Pain can result in leading to growth/maturity, a virus such as this can challenge us to keep our systems better shaped and our souls sharp so we are people who live mastersing life and become capable in serving the one behind all this wonderful amazing insanely functioning macro/micro -Cosm!

in closing an intereseting passage from a great book:

Everything of God gets expressed in him, so you can see and hear him clearly. You don’t need a telescope, a microscope, or a horoscope to realize the fullness of Christ, and the emptiness of the universe without him.

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