Pivotal …

How importnat is the smallest of all decision that we daily make in the split of the split of sconds! I wonder, We often think that small decisions are not

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18 …

rel=”lightbox” 18 things I acknowledge about my Son who is 18 today! 1. He is a Gift; 2. He is creative;  3. He is Smart; 4. He is Sensitive; 5.

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Joseph Avakian

beauty …

I was once challenged that I made a link between the fact that “… if beauty is in the eye of the beholder … then we have to say that

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Torn …

Pressure can tear things apart, right? If pressure is present in our hearts and our lives we soon all realize the result is pain … But in this age and

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In the Name of …

History has scribed for us over and over again that many (inlcuding me) seek something greater than us. In this search we then often find wisdom, revelations, knowledge, inspiration, change

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11 years …

It was in the middle of an afternoon teaching session when I got the call that our 3rd child was on its way … 12 hours later! at around 2

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