Joz is

male, twin, son, brother, armenian, lebanese, cyrpiot, german, husband, father, friend, artist, creator, thinker, educator, mentor, traveler, tester, missionary, ywamer, life, seeker, questions, answers, design, photography, art, illustrations, culture, techie, running, biking, hiking, camping, basketball, music, food, all continents, warm weather, beach, travel, films, theater, dance, out of the box, identity, the image of god or universe, dreamer, destined, purposed, saved, embraced, generous, passionate, cosmopolite, strategy, includer, woo, arranger, maximizer, communication, belief, inspire, impact, change, love, faith, hope … still growing & learning


Below you will see my travel & Speaking calendar. This helps those of looking for booking me as a speaker, to get an overview available times.

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